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I spent three days creating two scenes to experiment with the impact of GenAI on XR content production. I believe that a significant portion of future XR content will be created using AI tools, such as 3D models, music, environmental textures, virtual characters, and animation effects. This will greatly enhance the efficiency of virtual content creation and lower the barriers to entry for creators.

Video Display


The objects on the table, guitar on the ground, drums, and other objects in this scene are all generated by software that converts images into 3D models. The music that virtual humans are performing on stage is also generated by AI tools through text descriptions and other operations. Virtual humans can achieve animation effects by connecting AI tools and have free conversations with them.

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 13.49.19.png


The virtual humans inside are also created using the metahuman tool and are bound to the animation effects of Mixamo. The objects that can be captured in the scene are also generated by AI, and the background music is also included.

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